Welcome to Boise Mustard Seed! We are a newly forming church community in Boise with a heart to live alongside one another in the Way of Jesus. We are a Christ community hoping to be a network of Christ communities, as we attempt to live out the Story of God in our context. Because we see ourselves as a network of Christ communities, the rhythm of our gatherings is purposefully unique. We invite everyone, regardless of where they might be spiritually, to come and be a part of Boise Mustard Seed, seek God with us, and see if this life of following Jesus might be for you as well. Have a look around and get to know us. If you have any questions or comments about our community, we'd love to hear from you. Details and dates for our weekly gatherings can be found by clicking the Worship Gathering, Missional Communities, BLOG or Calendar links. Community Events Back Next Worship Liturgy August 23, 2015 // 10:30 am - 12:00 pm [Details] Recent Posts Mustard Seed Stories – This Is Who We Are – Mary Arritola Breakfast at BACON The Discipleship Process at Mustard Seed Tweets Beautiful scene at neckarcoffee this past Saturday whilst enjoying the @farmmarketboise #thisisboise… https://t.co/yE53eLA7yp about 1 day ago ReplyRetweetFavorite Bunch of us enjoying a morning at the @FarmMarketBoise eating awesomeness at @wafflemeup @ The Boise… https://t.co/qSGpaKTnP1 about 1 day ago ReplyRetweet As we strive to better connect our community, we are beginning to share the life stories this Fall of our Mustard Seeders through a series of fun and more serious interview questions. Recently we had a fun time letting Mary Arritola give it her best shot. Enjoy, and check back often for more stories and interviews. What hobbies do you have? Traveling. Gardening. Reading. Hanging out with my friends. What is your day job? Semi-retired. This is a new part of my life because I’ve only lived in Boise for two years. Living in the midst of a multi-generational family with kids, grand-kids, etc. I’m really enjoying that and working myself through the maze of where I fit into that right now. I’m also helping take care of my mom. Before I moved here I was working part-time at a home decor/gift store that sold flowers, fudge and collectibles. I grew up on a ranch and we owned a ranch till I was in my early forties. Then we moved and started a animal supply and feed store in Baker City, OR. Why do you follow Jesus? I can’t imagine life without Jesus. And I feel bad for those who don’t have that personal intimate relationship. It’s what gives meaning to everything in our life. We come in alone and leave alone, except for Jesus. Nobody can do those things with us. Jesus truly is the Good News in a world filled with a lot of bad news. What is one thing you love about Boise Mustard Seed? The openness for discussion…openness to question God and life. What drew you to Mustard Seed initially? When looking at the web site, it was words that implied we were community together on a journey of transformation to be like Jesus. Where is the most exciting place you have traveled? The central part of Mexico, to the west of Mexico city, in a place called Morelia. Back in 2008 I took a trip there with my best friend, who has since passed away. Her bucket list included a pilgrimage to the location where monarch butterflies migrate to, and she wanted one to land on her there in the place. So we went in the wintertime and we road horses to the location. It was unbelievable. At first the trees look like they’re covered in black moths, but as the sun hits them, the monarchs open their wings. I remember we were standing there looking at the butterflies and one whole branch of butterflies released and came down around her. What food do you bring to a potluck? Basque rice! I learned to cook Basque food from my mother-in-law. My favorite dish is solomo. I always cook that for Christmas. Where did you go to school? I went to a one room school house my first 8 years of school and rode a horse to school through 4th grade, at Pleasant Valley Elementary My siblings and I rode together, me behind my sister, and my other sister behind my brother. I went to Jordan Valley High School and later to Links Business School. Can you share with us some of your favorite or most influential books? The Divine Conspiracy (Willard). Streams of Living Water (Foster). Anything by Eugene Peterson and Ruth Haley Barton. How can people contact you? You can search me on Facebook.http://www.boisemustardseed.org - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki -